More on the Treason in New Hampshire!   1 comment

Bubba’s View Whee is the media on this? The nation of America is Gone! No more will the world be blessed with the only Nation who’s government was based on Natural Law! The once great nation has slowly freely given away it’s sovereignty for more than 100 years. The former United States is in the process of being gift wrapped for the Holiday season as the final stages are being put in place! It’s truly sad but apparently true! see the previous article below as well!



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One response to “More on the Treason in New Hampshire!

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  1. Yes, Bubba, our more verbally adept women began man’s age with their “intellectualualizing” and now are ending it the same way that they began it in their completion of their “earthly” first-born blood covenant made 6,000 years ago with Lucifer, the deity over this world, unless you are called out of it and her first-born son Cain! How else would you explain their election of the “forbidden foreigner” of Deuteronomy 17:15 with his promised Marxist, “Anti-Christ”, as Islam, by definition, of Revelation, chapter 11 takeover of u.s.? Duh! Cheer up Bubba because on September 16th, 2012 is the “Hebrew”(not Greek, Latin, or even English) Feast of Trumpets(War) and the coming of Yahweh’s(YHWH’s) Two-Witnesses for 3 1/2 years, which is called “Jacob’s trouble!” and our great punishment! No? Watch!

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