“King” Obama Assassinating Americans Without Due Process   1 comment

Buuba’s View:> Well the judge does a very good job with this one! However, he doesn’t call Obama a Murderer! He calls him a King! We certainly don’t have Kings in America, but we do have Murders! Ah! Perhaps he’s just afraid he’ll be next on the list?

I just wonder where was he when the Ineligible and wholly illegal Criminal and Murderer-in-Chief was running for office do you think he missed the words Collective Naturalization in Title 8, Chapt 12, Subsec 3, Part 1, Head 1401! Or maybe the other words like: Aliens, Nationality, Immigration, and Naturalization! Well, what do you think? Here it is from House.gov!

Click to access Title 8 for yourself! Are they not there?


Posted October 6, 2011 by bubbabutt in Uncategorized

One response to ““King” Obama Assassinating Americans Without Due Process

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  1. Yes, and America this also is the “right” marxist(Anti-Christ) over u.s. at the “right” time and a lot more Americans living right here in America are in a lot more trouble than they can realize! Question? Why do “YOU” think that our CIA would allow a man with the same agenda has his father, who overthrew the only other Republic in the world, which was Kenya, to become our president with the same agena? DuH? Marxist New World Order anyone to transend religion and all! Watch! The show has just begun!

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