Obama created by CIA: Report   1 comment

Posted October 4, 2011 by bubbabutt in Uncategorized

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  1. I knew it! I’ve been thinking all along with all of our self-professed marxist presidents, at least from Teddy R./Wilson era and I can’t even rule-out Lincoln, being a lawyer, etc. couldn’t have ever existed without a marxist-run secret service, like the CIA from Truman and i’m not sure what Wilson’s Secret Servive was called? The “New World Order” must transend religion, as Marxism, unlike it’s “Anti-Christ” sister Islam does not! You do know that a caliphate of Islamic countries is called the “Beast” in the Book of Revelation, I hope? Also, that another “Anti-Christ” MUST be a Marxist because it rides the “white horse” of war in Revelation, chapter 11 and the “white horse” ONLY is found in the UN! Have you ever been there in New York? I marveled when I enterred there as a child and saw a gigantic “white horse” just standing inside the building and not a dove! Duh! Then, I find out that it functions, as did it’s predecessor, the League of Nations under Wilson, a marxist-manifesto to transend religion! Again, Duh! Yes, the devil is in the details, isn’t it? No wonder though because, after all, it still is the devil’s world until the two-witnesses of chapter 11 again stand alive in the street of Jerusalem after they had beem killed there by Obama three and one-half days earlier! No? Watch, if you’re still alive then?

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