The Rule of law Has Been Abolished!   3 comments

Bubbas’s View:> Just Listen to this f-ing Moron, I mean WTF!!! He can’t even get out a coherent sentence. It’s pretty simple folks! He is unable to defend the Community Organizer, Criminal, illegal Alien, Usurper and Murderer-in-Chief. It sounds a whole lot like the Birth Certificate and SSN Number all over again! Will Americans ever wake up!

No just go out and dance in the streets people and celebrate the end of your liberties or just sit idly by and preach how it’s God’s will (as if he didn’t give you free will) and do nothing! How my fellow Americans have become so cowardice today is certainly stunning!

But hey, history does show us it was the democrats that promoted slavery and lynchings of blacks and whites who tried to help them! Not much has changed, has it! So be sure and run out to the polls and vote Democrat or republican and expect something to change? America seems to have the land of the Slave and Home of the Cowards!


Posted October 3, 2011 by bubbabutt in Uncategorized

3 responses to “The Rule of law Has Been Abolished!

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  1. Hank Williams jr. said it best today on one of those popular morning shows, Barak Obama is another Hitler! Like Hitler, there is nothing that “we the peole” can do about it either! He controls the Senate, Courts and even the Supreme Court, as all soon will see! Watch!

  2. Bubbabutt, what happened? I couldn’t open your posts for quite awhile, so I thought that Obama got you? Thanks for coming back; I mean a REAL big time thanks!

    • Well, I wouldn’t be surprized; if they were trying to block it! And I have had other sites shutdown! I’ll have to Check on the Hank Williams thing! I’ve been busy with my personal life as of late! I’ll try and keep up! Take Care!

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