Obama’s America! Murder INC. Kills U.S. Citizen Abroad!   Leave a comment

Obama and Murder incorporated continue its total abuse of power and wipe their asses with your United States Constitution. Yes folks, the Illegal and Unconstitutional Usurper, Criminal-in-chief Obama and his cohorts in Crime, your House of Representatives’, the Senate, Supreme Court, and State Governor’s. Virtually all that have swore an Oath to Support and Defend the Constitution have with out a trial, without any real evidence of any kind, taken it upon themselves (by their own free will) to murder an American Citizen. Yes they murdered him and absolutely violated every supposed Constitutional right an American is supposed to have! When will they come for you or yours! So when your elected officials, sit quietly by and say nothing, they are violating their Oath of Office and committing treason to it, and they are willful in there intent also!

When you listen to the broadcaster spin this listen closely to the carefully chosen words! He to should be an enemy of every American citizen, as well. He is also an American, and is by his own free will openly justifying their actions as well.


Posted September 30, 2011 by bubbabutt in Uncategorized

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