OBAMA’S SSN does not pass an E-VERIFY INVESTIGATION!   Leave a comment

Bubba’s view:> Poor Obama, our Illegal alien, Constitutional Law Violator, Usurper in Chief, Can’t pass an E-Verify check! What an absurd turd, this man is! So again, America! Why is Obama and all the others, who sit in their ivory towers; you provide them, still holding their offices as Judges, senators, congressmen, Governors and Secretaries of State? After all they all seem to be silent still! Even after 3 yrs and all the evidence just keeps pointing to the facty that he is not eligible to be President. So show your absolute ignorance and allow the two parties to run your elections, go out and vote for their candidates in 2012! Vote Obama 2012, Keep the insanity Alive!!!

Make sure you click the link below the video!!!)

Source:> Youtube.com/ppsimmons

Click here for more the source:> more info and Documents, (Sworn affidavit, Federal documentsm etc)

Posted September 14, 2011 by bubbabutt in Uncategorized

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