Obama’s uncle quietly released from jail?   1 comment

Bubba’s Views:> Well, another fine example of U.S. Justice, I mean hey we have an Illegal alien in the Whitehouse, running the Executive branch, A Congress full of People who are openly committing treason to their Oath’s to the Constitution, A Supreme Court openly making public statements they are evading the Obama Issue, Again openly committing Treason to their Oath’s of Office, to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic! A totally corrupt Media, willfully colluding with the two political Parties who both ran illegal and ineligible Candidates for the Office of President! I mean What exactly will it take to wake up the American Citizen’s. WTF America!!!

Click here:> for more from the Source \"The Boston Globe\"

Officials released President Obama’s uncle from Plymouth County jail yesterday after holding him for more than two weeks on an immigration detainer for violating an order to return to his native Kenya in 1992.

US officials refused to disclose any other information about Onyango Obama, who remained in the United States undetected until Framingham police arrested him Aug. 24 on drunken driving and other charges.

Yesterday, federal immigration officials refused to say whether the 67-year-old Framingham resident posted bond, whether they are keeping track of his whereabouts, or even whether they are still seeking his deportation, raising questions about public accountability in the case.


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