Obama sticker in urinal draws criticism and laughs KGET TV 17   1 comment

Bubba’s View:> The idea in this video is awesome, have a good laugh! Can’t wait to go their, so I can take aim. Let’s Go America! We need to get these posted in every urinal and toilet in America. If you can’t make your own, here’s couple of places you can buy them! If anyone has contacts with a company that manufactures those sanitary sheets for the regular toilets seats (Like the image below)! I would really prefer that, for, MY DAILY BOMBING CAMPAIGN!!! If you should agree, and know a company who manufactures them, please contact them and lets see if we get a new product line out; in time for the election of 2012! Remember. we are an inclusive society and Women shouldn’t be excluded either!!!

Source:> youtube.com/68Truthseeker

CLick Links Below to purchase stickers:>

Support a site that supports the troops! (Militariapress.com)</a


fubowear.com or Cafepress.com


Posted September 4, 2011 by bubbabutt in Uncategorized

One response to “Obama sticker in urinal draws criticism and laughs KGET TV 17

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  1. Now that’s funny! It’s like the attitude of a dog, if you can’t eat it or drink it, PISS ON IT!

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