Active Duty U.S.A.F. SSGT Daryn Moran: Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility   1 comment

SSGT Daryn Moran – God Bless you and your family!  You are correct Obama is not eligible for office!  My advice to you is this! You will find little support from anyone involved in your government! You should represent yourself Pro se.  The entire Justice system is set to protect the usurper.  You must request a jury trial! Please do not get wrapped up in the Birth Certificate issue! There is absolute proof of his ineligibility right on this site!  If you stick to the Constitutional requirement,  you will ultimately be victorious!  It’s just sad that more of your peers and so called leaders can’t find the Moral turpitude to take the stand you are taking! That in itself is your evidence of the lack of leadership in our Military!


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One response to “Active Duty U.S.A.F. SSGT Daryn Moran: Obama’s Constitutional Eligibility

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  1. Yes, we know this is fact and true, which is why the Bible even refers to him(Obama) has the “forbidden foreigner” put over Israel(Deuteronomy 17:15). I hope that you also know that Israel, not Judah was given the name “Israel” through the line of Joseph, not Judah(Gen. 48:16)? However, the SABBATHS COVENANT(weekly and Annual) was broken, so the name was lost! Judah was only promised “GRACE”(MESSIAH)! Interesting Scriptural facts proven as commanded through the process of scientific deduction(2 Peter 1:20), aren’t they? We haven’t seen anything yet! It also reads that more gentiles will be saved alive than Israelires, with no people from Dan(Irish) protected! Watch!

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