Meet the Average Dumbass American Voter?   1 comment

Bubba’s View:> I mean you might think, the average American would know things like: Natural Law, the definition of the word Natural, the definition of Naturalization or the difference between the requirement to be a citizen and the Constitutional requirement to be President.  You Might even think the could read their own Constitution? You Might but you would be wrong!

Well, I guess it’s enough just to put it on a coffee mug? or just maybe; you should start looking for a new Chiropractor? Especially, If yours goes by the name “Christopher Young? and lives in DC!


Posted August 15, 2011 by bubbabutt in Uncategorized

One response to “Meet the Average Dumbass American Voter?

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  1. I also feel that beginning the Feast of Trumpets(war) in 2012 that the two-witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11 will on the scene to witness against this self-reported “Anti-Christ”(Marxist, not Islamic, although both are indeed Anti-Christ in belief), if not even during this coming year’s Feast of Trumpets, 2011? Watch! p.s. Did you also know that it also is written that more “Gentiles” will be saved alive at this time than actual “Israelites” from all 12 tribes all together(144,000, excluding Dan(Irish)? That what is clearly written!

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