Being Ron Paul: The Media Fix is In   1 comment




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One response to “Being Ron Paul: The Media Fix is In

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  1. It’s actually all about the Biblical first-born blood covenant made 6,000 years ago between Lucifer, Eve, and Cain! It also is written for duality purposes that the first-born(Cain, who murdered Able) will be last to be resurrected and the last born, the murderee, Able, will be first to be resurrected! No? Watch! However, did you also know that the actual endtime “Anti-Christ”(Marxist) that rides the white horse of Revelation(found only in the UN) will never be resurrected? No? Watch! p.s. It also is written that the endtime “BEAST” in Revelation in your Bible is made up of a caliphate of Islamic countries that also are “Anti-Christ” in belief, by the way! Did you know that also? Again, watch and it will not take much longer because the right players are now in place. Again, watch!

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