Col. Larry Sellin: Obama’s Eligibility Must Be Dealt With Before 2012 Election   3 comments


Retired Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin: Obama’s ineligibility greatest crisis since the Civil War; Must be dealt with before election – 7/11/2011

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3 responses to “Col. Larry Sellin: Obama’s Eligibility Must Be Dealt With Before 2012 Election

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  1. Obama absolutely is referred to in Scriptures in Deuteronomy 17:15 as the “forbidden foreigner” put over Israel by the tribe of Joseph! Eve started man’s 6,000 year history through her “intellectualing”(i.e., women essentially are verbal skills dominant and men are motor-skills dominant) and she(of the Eve sex) is ending it by again using her “intellectualizing” to appoint the endtime Anti-Christ(As Islam, Marxism is Anti-Christ by self-report) over u.s. No? Watch! “Jacob’s trouble” will undoubtably will begin in the fall of the year at the Feast Of Trumpets by 2012, most probably 2012 is the date, but 2011 can not be ruled-out until the Feast of Trumpets(war) ends without incident! Again, watch! P.S. Don’t you know that our CIA MUST transend religion and be a MARXIST(ANTI-CHRIST) organization? Did I mention that Marxist takeovers demand someone to blame and then there also must be a holocaust of them! I hope you realize that it will be white “men” and NOT women! Watch!

  2. I believe that the far left Marxist/Communist, Fabian socialists, Keynesian economists, Cloward and Piven followers, Allinksy diciples, Anti-colonialists, Pro Muslim anti Christian advocates, Progressives have an agenda and have followers on both sides of the aisle. Their strength is growing however, right can prevail if we all stand up to be counted. The ideology connected to global governance and redistribution of wealth is not new – George Soros and his henchmen have been working on this for years. it is not about helping the poor, it is not about global warming, it is not about going green and saving the planet- it is all about the rich elites on the left getting richer and more importantly, gaining control and dominance over the poor folks. They pull the wool over the uneducated and uninformed, in the guise of providing entitlements etc, but it’s all about power and greed. This President follows the dream aka nightmare of his father the despot, drunken, abusive Father from Kenya, who was corrupt and believed in all the ideology listed above. Obama is his Dad’s puppet, we are being governed essentially by a ghost and a bunch of radical greedy folk who want to control the earth. In the process they are trying to kill God off out of our lives because they know that our faith gives us strength. Barack Hussein Obama follows the symbol of the Fabian socialist – wolf in sheep’s clothing and also adheres to Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals ‘Say anything, lie cheat etc – the end justifies the means.’ The mass mentality falls for his athletic walk, his toothy smile and the lame stream media upholds everything he does for he is the ONE. This man is the worst thing that ever happened to the USA and we have to get him out by VOTING FOR ANYBODY BUT OBAMA FOR NOBODY COULD BE WORSE. I also do not believe that the latest birth certificate he published on line is genuine. There is ample proof that it is not. I do have a problem with the elected representatives who do not uphold the will of the people on this issue and demand that he be vetted and that all legal documentation be shown. Also, they know what his agenda is, and i believe that some are fighting hard against it ie ; Paul Ryan, Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Allan West, ERIC CANTOR, Darel Ipps, etc plus many, many more and I think that they get it! People must get over being afraid of being called a racist, as race has nothing to do with this. People have to become informed and inform others. People have to stick up for Christians and freedoms. The American people have the courage and patriotism to do this. It is just a matter of time until a straw breaks the muslim;s back, and we will have had enough. The breaking point is fast approaching as the lies and subterfuges continue. The secretive governance coupled with the overpaid and undetected Czars, The attorney general Eric Holder who is the most corrupt ever, Nancy Pelosi and her pee brain and far left agenda coupled with her huge wallet. it is pathetic to hear that the President was gloating over being able to get discounts from AARP as his 50th birthday is approaching. Give us all a break, Barack Hussein Obama, share your wealth, we know you are a millionaire times over…….Like you need entitlements….What a farce all of this is. People stand up, contact your representatives daily and do not stop. DEMAND answers and get other involved. There is strength in numbers and right always prevails. God Bless the USA. Sorry this is so long, I get so frustrated about this man! And yes, I believe he is making suckers out of all of us. And we are not going to take it anymore.

  3. Your beliefs are correct, but that can not help! This now is a direct spiritual battle between Good and Evil! Either this Feast of Trumpets, but most probably next Feast of Trumpets(war) will come the two-witnesses of chapter 11, Revelation to punish u.s. severely for 3 1/2 years because we(actually our majority women vote and please remember the story of Eve in the Bible) elected the forbidden foreigner of Deuteronomy 17:15 with a promised “fundamental transformation of our government” into Marxism, or “Anti-Christ”, as Isalm, representing only death and destruction! No? Watch! Women started man’s 6,000 year age through her “intellectualizing” bringing u.s. death and now is ending it with an explaination mark! No? Watch!

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