Rural Councils Executive Order is Agenda 21 “One World Order”   Leave a comment

Bubba’s View :> Be careful people! This is yet another power grab! Obama is not the one who is going to receive the power. It will be the Banker’s (Rothschild’s and royals). Sounds pretty much like Stalin and Mao to me! But unlike the Blonde Bimbo, I understand history! Do any of you realize that the Federal Reserve has 7 Board Members who each are suppose to serve for 14 years. This would normally mean that by design, a president would normally only appoint two board members in a single term! Did you know that Obama has appointed all sitting Federal Reserve Board Members, as of today; in less than one term! Just think! They are more powerful than the president! You will be stuck with his appointments for up to 14 years! So one could legitimately state that the coup; has already happened! Perhaps that is one reason, no one addresses his ineligibility; FEAR! Anyway, just move along nothing to see here, as the Blonde Bimbo says it seems like a good thing? Don’t forget to vote Republican or Democrat in 2012; to get that change your looking for? Good luck with that!

Source:> Fox News and


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