FBI to Expand Domestic Surveillance Powers   2 comments

Bubba’s View:> Does anyone else notice that Democracy Now, who supported Obama! Don’t really mention the Obama Administration or Eric Holder for allowing this? I guess they don’t like it but since it’s Obama it’s alright! It doesn’t seem to be the birthers that are the wackos! Still Amazed at how these so called Americans just seem to happily March to a one world government system and the Russian style Constitution they have waiting for them! It’s just amazing to see it happen! So, My fellow American’s what do you think they have spent on you?

Source:> Democracy Now

Civil liberties advocates are raising alarm over news the FBI is giving agents more leeway to conduct domestic surveillance. According to the New York Times, new guidelines will allow FBI agents to investigate people and organizations “pro-actively” without firm evidence for suspecting criminal activity. Democracy Now! interviews former FBI agent Mike German, who now works at the American Civil Liberties Union. Also interviewed is Texas activist Scott Crow, who has been the focus on intense FBI surveillance from 2001 until at least 2008. Using the Freedom of Information Act, Crow received 440 pages of heavily-redacted documents revealing the FBI had set up a video camera outside his house, traced the license plates of cars parked in front of his home, recorded the arrival and departure of his guests and observed gatherings that Crow attended at bookstores and cafes. The agency also tracked Crow’s emails and phone conversations and picked through his trash to identify his bank and mortgage companies. “It definitely has been traumatizing at different points,” says Crow. “But if we don’t come out and be open about this, then they’ve already won, and the surveillance and the ‘War on Terror’ wins against us.”


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2 responses to “FBI to Expand Domestic Surveillance Powers

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  1. As I said yesterday, our CIA started by Truman must transend religion and Marxism(Anti-Christ by defintion) is what it always has been all about! Now America has the “right Marxist President at the “right” time to be the endtime Anti-Christ ruling over America! Look for his power to begin in the fall of the year and more probably next fall than this fall! Watch!

    • Victor, I do agree with alot of what you say! But Obama is not the Antichrist! If the anticrist comes from anywhere, it would be through the Catholic Church!

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