Indoctrinating a New Generation to Think North American   2 comments

Well, when they do all this in your face! What do you think?, you as an American have to gain? What Constitution do they have prepared for you? How will the Justice system work? The truth is most Americans’ are Clueless to their own Heritage! They only know what their told! They aren’t taught to think! They are taught to follow! So, Americans you had better learn your past. Because they have already brought you back to serfdom. They have already created a Justice system totally motivated by Profit! Which is ran by literally .05% of the U.S. Population. They have even moved the Justice system to television where Juries aren’t involved at all! Do you really expect Justice through a system designed for and Motivated by Profit? Wake Up! America!

Recent Wikileaks documents confirm what some of us have been warning about for years, that plans for a North American Union dismissed by many as a conspiracy theory are indeed real. With Canada and the U.S. pursuing a trade and security perimeter agreement which could later include Mexico, it has once again highlighted the whole process of North American integration. This deep-rooted agenda has permeated our schools, universities and other learning institutions. Through various initiatives, the future leaders of tomorrow are being indoctrinated to view themselves as North American citizens as opposed to Canadians, Mexicans or Americans.

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2 responses to “Indoctrinating a New Generation to Think North American

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  1. This world’s history is centered upon the promise to “Israel” by the seed of Joseph(Gen. 48:16) to possess the greatest civil empire in man’s history, which England alone already has accomplished! You also do know that England and America are the real Israel and not Judah, only promised grace(Messiah), right? Yes, but they(England and America) lost lost knowledge because they broke the accompanying “SABBATHS COVENANT?” What do you think will happen now that Israel’s women have put in over America the forbidden foreigner of Deuteronomy 17:15? Better yet, who do you think will give each other presents when the Anti-Christ(Head Marxist) kills them? Duh! You do know that Marxists and Islam are both Anti-Christ’s right? In fact, the Bible calls a caliphate of Islamic nations in the latter days the “Beast?” Did you know that? However, the “Anti-Christ” must be a Marxist and not Islamic because “he” rides the “white horse” only found in the United Nations(UN)! No? Watch, most probably in the fall of 2012, although this fall can’t be ruled-out until the Feast Of Tumpets(War) passes! No? Again, watch!

    Victor Barney, LeHigh Acres, Florida 33971
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