What do you think about gold and silver coins being proposed as SC tender?   1 comment

Bubba’s Views:> How does a country who’s treasury holds no Gold? Go to a Gold Standard? Perhaps S.C. Holds Gold in a vault? Who Knows?

Source:> MidlandsConnect.com

South Carolina lawmakers are proposing a bill that would give the state another form of legal tender.

Sen. David Thomas, a Republican from Greenville, wants to make gold and silver coins another option in the Palmetto State. Lawmakers are calling it the Sound Money Legislation.

“I’m no financial expert but am I smart enough to know that you can’t keep printing money when it has no backing,” says SC Republican Representative Mac Toole.

Thomas also wants a special joint committee to study the need and process for establishing an alternate currency. Read the entire bill here.

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One response to “What do you think about gold and silver coins being proposed as SC tender?

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  1. I believe the Bible, which if you have repented of sin and have been baptized you will be able to read through the commanded scientific process of “deduction”, and it clearly states that a “cashless society” is coming, not the use of gold! Because America and Europe have so much unsustainable debt, a cashless society will be a must, or for at least the last 3 1/2 years in man’s age! No? Watch! Our economy must be crashed anyway because the Marxist manifesto states so, which was promised by Obama and our verbally endowd women voted for his promise of Marxism(Anti-Christ by definition)! Remember the story of Eve and her “intellectualizing?” Watch!

    Victor Barney, LeHigh Acres, Florida 33971

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