US Army to charge Bradley Manning with ‘aiding the enemy’   1 comment

Bubba’s View: Does anyone have a clue what is going on here?
1. Why do we get the story from the UK?
2. Where’s our U.S. Media!
3. He posted a bunch of dribble that the state department, didn’t properly secure?
4. I seem to remember the government saying, something like: It puts a bad light on U.S. Relations, but nothing to see here?
5. Charged with aiding the enemy? What Enemy? Did we declare war on someone?
6. Doesn’t resemble Justice to me!
7. Looks like a witch Hunt! and
8. Why isn’t Hilliary Clinton on Trial?
9. Doesn’t she run the State Department?

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The US Army has announced it is to charge Private Bradley Manning with “aiding the enemy” – which can carry the death penalty – and 21 further offences of illegally disclosing classified information, after an investigation lasting seven months.

The 22 new charges are in addition to the 12 counts of leaking classified information and computer fraud that Manning already faces over material said to be related to the WikiLeaks disclosures – and for which he has been held in military custody since May last year.

The army’s charge sheet states that Manning did “knowingly give intelligence to the enemy, through indirect means,” in violation of article 104 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, known as “aiding the enemy”.

US Army to charge Bradley Manning with \'aiding the enemy\'


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One response to “US Army to charge Bradley Manning with ‘aiding the enemy’

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