McDonald’s Employee Took Credit For Filming Brutal Beating In Baltimore Fast Food Joint   Leave a comment

A McDonald’s worker has taken credit for filming and uploading to YouTube the latest viral video to capture a brutal assault at a fast food restaurant.

The employee, identified as Vernon Hackett on social network accounts, posted the video clip to his YouTube page earlier this week. According to his Facebook page, the 22-year-old Hackett, pictured at right, has worked for McDonald’s since September 2009 .

The April 18 assault, seen below, took place at a McDonald’s location on Kenwood Avenue in Rosedale, Maryland, a Baltimore suburb. According to the Baltimore County Police Department, a 14-year-old girl has been charged as a juvenile in connection with the assault, while charges are pending against an 18-year-old woman. “The incident remains under investigation and the State’s Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case,” added investigators

More:> Source: The Smoking Gun Video of assault here! (It’s bad)

Bubba’s View!
At some point you’ve got to say (WTF) is wrong with these people!

Oh, I’m not just talking about the girls beating the other girl! I’m talking about them all!

How many are watching? WTF, is this the society you want? People used to have pride! You know one on one, fair fight! But hey; they got on you tube (celebrities), made famous by the next idiot, in a hoodie! Who didn’t even have enough balls, to put his camera down! I hope the girl is okay! Not one person had enough courage to do anything to stop it! It doesn’t take courage to do nothing. It is cowardice! It certainly doesn’t take courage to gang up on someone either!


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